This Leading Dubai Mega Developer Is Building A Malta-Inspired Housing Project


You’ve heard of the Dubaification of Malta – now it’s time for the Maltafication of Dubai.

One of the biggest developers in Dubai, DAMAC Properties, is constructing an entire Malta-inspired housing project – including a garden which is identical to the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

The developer, Damac, had also come to Malta back in 2017 to meet with then Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, and had expressed that he is “keeping his eye on Malta”.

While certain aesthetic elements, such as the Blue Lagoon inspired water, and the luzzu in the pool are Maltese, the actual architecture does not represent traditional Maltese buildings. 

“Regarding the exterior layouts, we tried our best to represent Malta architecture, but its’ the water and the amenities and facilities that we are trying to copy more than the townhouses themselves,” a representative for DAMAC Properties told Lovin Malta.

“So it’s more of a Mediterranean theme and living more than the actual architecture,” he explained.

“Malta is a new cluster of 4-bedroom townhouses in DAMAC Lagoons which is reminiscent of the beautiful southern Mediterranean country and is where future residents will experience luxury and comfort right in the heart of Dubai,” the project website reads. 

“Inspired by well-preserved honey stone landmarks and the glistening beaches of Valletta, the premium townhouses in the Malta cluster ooze the ultimate Mediterranean vibes, giving you the chance to explore new avenues in this fun-filled residential community,” it reads.

It is said to offer the beauty of Malta right on your doorstep, featuring scenes of glistening crystal lagoons.

With the project launched in 2022, the “Malta cluster presents an exquisite collection of middle and corner villas in 4 and 5-bedroom configurations, with 2 and 3 levels respectively”.

“The properties range in size from 2,200 sq. ft and 3,200 sq. ft. For the utmost convenience of homeowners, the properties include a garden, a patio, a garage, private terraces and a maid’s room with an attached bathroom,” the description reads.

“Within a few steps away from their homes, residents of Malta will have full access to playgrounds, lawn areas for activities, and sports game areas.”

What do you make of this project?