The University of Sharjah Conference recommends legalizing the use of smart ships


Sharjah: “The Bay”

The activities of the International Scientific Conference organized by the University’s College of Law, entitled “Half a Century of Legislative Development in the United Arab Emirates”, concluded at the University of Sharjah with a set of proposals and recommendations approved by the Conference’s Scientific Committee, namely: Recommendation of the need to legalize the use of smart ships, and the codification of tasks and responsibilities; from the World Intellectual Property Organization on alternatives to written terms for the registration of new trademarks, including spectrometry and chromatography, and the need to develop a legal framework for smart contracts that meet the protection rules of contract law, with the need to think about setting rules for digital justice ability to resolve disputes arising in connection with software contracts. And work to establish a special regulation showing the mechanism for resorting to arbitration to settle disputes for the foreign professional footballer. And a proposal to establish a single Arab platform for corporate social responsibility, aimed at promoting mutual learning, exchanging data or good practice, raising awareness or analysis and communication activities and strengthening the competences of national and regional administrations.