The UAE Government Media Office: Martian ink


Flying in to Dubai on 9 February was a little like arriving on Mars. On that day, the Emirates Mars Mission’s Hope Probe entered into orbit around the Red Planet to provide the first complete picture of the Martian atmosphere, culminating years of research and preparation and achieving a historic milestone for the Arab world and humanity. To commemorate the arrival of the Hope Probe to Mars, The UAE Government Media Office and Dubai Airports produced a limited-edition stamp made with ‘Martian Ink’. This specially created ink is made from volcanic basalt rocks that are found in the UAE’s mountains and highly resemble those present on the surface of Mars.

Travelers passing through immigration at all Dubai airports starting 9 February will receive the distinctive red ink stamp which welcomes them with a memorable reminder of this new era for Arabs in time and space and a special message: You’ve arrived in the Emirates. The Emirates is arriving at Mars on 09.02.2021.

An emblem of the country’s ambition and guiding principle that “Impossible is Possible”, the stamp’s liquid ink was created from basalt rocks, collected during a special mission to the UAE’s Fujairah Mountains and Sharjah’s Mleiha Desert by experts and gemologists. The rocks were crushed into a fine paste and dried in the sun and then mixed with chemicals to create three separate colours that represent the Red Planet. Basalt rocks date back tens of millions of years and give the UAE’s mountain ranges their distinct rugged look.