The UAE Government Media Office: Double Moon


During the first week of February, Dubai was the stage for an astronomical marvel when two mysterious ‘rock-like’ shapes appeared in the night sky and took the internet by storm, causing a few social media users to have delusions of an apocalypse.

Hundreds were impacted and started sharing photos, videos, and speculations about it on the internet and the media quickly followed suit. The phenomenon was duped the “Double Moon” and the debate stretched over hours and days.

Few days ago, the mystery was unveiled. The two moons in Dubai’s sky were Phobos and Deimos – Mars’s moons. And they were secretly projected in the sky using a new sky mapping projection technology, which used two giant 70-meter cranes and a unique 40-meter holo screen to make the moons appear realistically in the sky and incredibly visible from long distances.

The idea is part of a government-led viral initiative created based on a simple premise; what if we could make everyone see what Hope Probe is seeing 500 million miles away? The initiative was created to drive awareness and create excitement around the UAE’s arrival in Mars.