Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The spread of non-metropolitan areas ↑… United Arab Emirates added as ‘mutant endemic country’


1,536 new cases of COVID-19 were added. While the spread of infection in the metropolitan area has been stagnant, the government has repeatedly asked for movement and travel outside of the region, saying that the amount of movement and the increase in the number of confirmed cases in non-metropolitan areas are clear.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo on the sidewalk.


Among the new confirmed cases of COVID-19, 1,476 cases are domestic, excluding 60 imported cases.

By region, 1,107 cases were concentrated in the metropolitan area alone, including 564 in Seoul, 448 in Gyeonggi, and 95 in Incheon.

In non-metropolitan areas, there were 369 confirmed cases, including 79 in Gyeongnam and 49 each in Daejeon and Busan.

Although the number of new confirmed cases has decreased slightly, the authorities believe that the spread of the metropolitan area has already begun to spread to non-metropolitan areas.

In fact, the weekly average number of domestic infected patients in the metropolitan area increased by 250 compared to the previous week, while the weekly average number of patients in non-metropolitan areas also increased by 176, soaring to 346.

In particular, the amount of movement in the metropolitan area decreased by 11% compared to the previous week, while the amount of movement in the non-metropolitan area increased by 9%.

In addition, the government has additionally designated the United Arab Emirates as a mutant virus endemic country to prevent the introduction of mutated viruses.

Accordingly, starting today, new issuance of quarantine exemption certificates will be suspended for those entering the UAE, even if they have completed their vaccinations.

Meanwhile, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) announced that 122,000 people received the first dose yesterday, and 15.96 million people have been vaccinated so far.

Of these, 6.32 million people were vaccinated, which is 12.3% of the total population.

In addition, one additional person died yesterday while receiving treatment for being infected with Corona 19, and 2,051 people have lost their lives so far.  

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