The “Sharjah Point of View” initiative celebrates photography in its ninth edition


The Sharjah Art Foundation is organizing, as part of its autumn program 2021, the ninth edition of the exhibition “Sharjah, View 9”, the annual initiative specializing in photography.

The exhibition will be held from September 18 to December 18, 2021 at Al Hamriya Studios in Sharjah.

The open invitation for this year attracted more than 500 applications, of which 53 photographers from more than 30 countries were selected to participate in the exhibition, where each photographer presents his work in the form of a series ranging from one to six images to demonstrate. unique and remarkable opportunities for photography as an artistic medium.

For the first time, the exhibition offers a cash prize of $ 1,500, awarded to a winner in each of the following categories: concept photography, experimental photography, documentary photojournalism and performance photography, based on the selection of a jury consisting of Ammar Al-Attar (artist), Sham Anbashi (photographer and architect), Mohamed Kilito (photographer) and Alia Al Shamsi (author and artist), and the winners in each category will be announced when the exhibition opens on 18 September.

The works that participate in this course, which is about 200 images, provide an in-depth and inspiring approach to life and obsession for different segments from around the world, as photographers explore the world around them through their lenses, reflecting their personal experiences and the stories they want. share with the public the environmental, political and cultural conditions in which they live, in the form of private portraits of family life and memories, or of a turbulent history and political unrest in their countries.

Participants in the Conceptual Photography category include: Maha Al-Askar, Kathy Ann, Hayley Miller-Becker, Aline Deschamps, Farhin Fatima, Gabriel Goffrey, Majid Hojati, Alaa Jaafar, Ishik Kaya, Wendy Marijensen, Sarah Salam, Hiro Tanaka and Han Shun Zoo . While participating in the experimental photography category are: Sarah Al-Ansari, Gabe Kaiser, Carolina Dutka, Davashish Gauer, Sakina Ghosh, Brian Kerrigan, Barbel Mollman, Ziad Netadi, Yuda Kusuma Butera, Tamara Saadeh, Mahmoud Talaat and Alexander Walmsley.

the participants

A number of photographers in the category of photojournalism and documentaries are also presented: Riad Abdeen, Taha Ahmed, Nicolas Shelton, Akash Joshi, Roger Moukarzel, Fajer Riato, Kristina Sergeeva, Javid Sultan and Jerzy Verzebstsky. In the category of performance photography, the participants are: Khadija Al-Abyad, Dima Asaad, Fatima Butt, Divya Kawasagi, Suhaila Ismaili, Wiam Haddad, Babak Haji, Khawla Hamad, Barry Iverson, Januario Jano, Jennifer Kesney, Sudeep Mighty, Lakin Ognbano, Martin Raggio, Anja Ronnacher, Oscar Schmidt, Buhlbezoi Siwani, Sandeep T. K, Rob Foerman.

The Foundation had launched its first open invitation to participate in the first edition of the exhibition in the summer of 2013, inviting photographers residing in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to submit their work, and with the increasing popularity of this initiative over the years, the geographical scope expanded to to cover all countries of the world, and included topics such as “Self-Portrait”, “Performance” and “Architecture and Urban Scenes”.

This year’s exhibition was accompanied by a set of educational programs specializing in photography, aimed at children, families, young people and adults.

Workshops for children and families will focus on several skills, including how to set up a photo studio at home, best practices for smartphone photography, animal photography and more. While the program for young people and adults aims to develop digital and analogue photographic skills and apply them in workshops related to photojournalism, portraits and document nature and architecture in their surroundings. The training program will also present several dialogue sessions in which artists and journalists will participate.