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The New Store becomes the sole Distributor for the Oral B Power range in the UAE

[UAE], OCTOBER, 2021
– This month Oral-B,
the industry leader in oral care innovation, is set to launch the iO toothbrush in the
region, ensuring a professional level clean feeling is achievable at home every
day. This latest addition to the brand’s line of electric
toothbrushes, comes after six years of intensive product research and
development and over 250 patents from around the world. The iO boasts a coveted
position as 2020’s
CES Innovation Award Honorees due to its advanced technology.

The UAE will be the first market in the Middle East
and Africa region to launch the innovative Oral-B iO electric toothbrush.
use of cutting-edge technologies to develop connected, innovative products that
transform everyday consumer experiences, aligns with the “Creating the Future” agenda of Expo 2020

Oral-B iO combines best-ever clinical performance with
a superior user experience, making it one of the industry’s most advanced
brushing products.

In clinical tests, Oral-B iO provided a deeper
cleaning of teeth and gums, allowing users to easily and effectively maintain
oral health. When compared to manual toothbrushes, Oral-B iO™ users experienced:

  • 100 percent more plaque removal after eight weeks vs a
    regular manual toothbrush
  • 100 percent healthier gums in just one week vs a
    regular manual toothbrush

is nothing like the Oral-B iO™. It introduces a new era in
brushing and is a monumental leap in innovative oral care technology,” said Paolo Zilianti,
Senior Brand Director, Oral Care Middle East & Africa. “The result of years
of expert development, Oral-B iO™ strikes the right balance
between effectiveness and experience and reimagines how a brush performs,
cleans and feels. It is a brush that people will look forward to using and will
deliver superior oral health. Aligning with the UAE’s digital
transformation strategy, P&G is constructively disrupting its business to
deliver experiences that reinvent what people expect of everyday products.”

The New Store LLC (TNS – a division of Mostafa Bin
Abdullatif) are the sole Distributors for Oral B Power range in the UAE. They
have successfully executed the mega launch of the new Oral-B iO™ range across all
major Retailers, ECom & Pharmacies in all Emirates.  

The Oral-B iO™ uniquely features a
frictionless magnetic drive, which distributes energy more efficiently to the
tips of the bristles, resulting in a smooth, quiet, sensational cleaning
experience. The new magnetic drive delivers cleaning energy to the redesigned
iO™ brush
head, which has been engineered to combine oscillating and rotating cleaning
motions with micro-vibrations for a professional clean feel.

As a result of input from more than 1,800 consumers,
the Oral-B iO™ includes
five key pillars of design features and experience capabilities:

  • Linear Magnetic Drive: created from the
    need to deliver an effective and enjoyable brushing routine. Producing
    controlled, harmonious movements, the quiet and frictionless linear drive
    system efficiently transfers more energy directly to the bristle tips.
  • Superior Cleaning Action and
    Redesigned Brush Head
    : Oral-B
    iO™ brush
    heads combine oscillating, rotating
    movements with micro-vibrations to ensure a deep clean that reaches every
    contour. The brush head has been redesigned with twisted bristles, and
    reinforced with high-density tuft-in-tuft configuration, for a sensational
    brushing experience. 
  • Bimodal Smart Pressure Sensor: an innovation that
    is the first of its kind to provide positive brushing feedback, identifying and
    guiding users to brush in the optimal pressure range. The Sensor features a
    variable-speed smart drive that adjusts frequency to protect gums and enamel.
  • Smart Display with
    Personalised Brushing Modes:
    an intuitive interface that
    greets users, while also providing coaching and motivation throughout the
    cleaning process. Features up to seven brush modes for a highly personalized
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Tracking via the Oral-B iO
    ™ App: provides real-time individual tracking and
    coaching, thanks to artificial intelligence informed by thousands of recorded
    brushing sessions. Oral-B iO™ has a simple and
    intuitive user interface that guides consumers through a two-minute brushing
    session with 3D teeth tracking across 16 zones (in the iO9) to ensure a
    professional clean feeling every time.

The new Oral-B iO™ will be available for purchase
in the UAE beginning in October 2021. For more information about Oral-B iO™, visit

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