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Sami Al Riyami


May 06, 2021

One of the most important competitive advantages enjoyed by the city of Dubai is its flexibility and superior ability to reshape its strategic policies and plans in a highly balanced manner, in line with global and regional changes, without affecting creativity, productivity or the quality of services provided.

Expanding the establishment of bodies, councils, or activities and projects, at times of economic peak, or in times of applying expansionary economic policies, is a natural and good thing, and it is a common economic behavior in many countries of the world, but the flexibility to reconfigure these bodies, councils and projects at times In which the global economy is shrinking, something that not many people are good at, because it often affects directly and indirectly in many areas of life.

Dubai is mastering this skillfully, as it possesses balanced mindsets that constantly assess the situation, follow global developments, foresee the future, and take appropriate bold steps to reshape its policies and strategic plans. It does not adhere to anything if leaving it or canceling it serves a general societal interest, and it does not consider the abolition of the Authority. Or a council or a project of retreat, insofar as it considers it a corrective decision at an appropriate time, and for every time and time their decisions are appropriate to the international financial and economic conditions that the world is going through at that moment in time, this is flexibility, and this is the right, and this is the art of making appropriate decisions at times Occasion.

It is the wisdom, wisdom and experience of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, as he is, as everyone knows him, very bold in making difficult decisions, and the owner of limitless ambition, but he is very realistic and does not cling to a certain idea if its negative and shortcomings appear to him, as he has the courage to make decisions, He has the same audacity to correct the course of those decisions in accordance with the requirements of the public interest.

This is what we saw in the new regulatory legislation issued by His Highness, the day before yesterday, related to the reorganization of a number of government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai, some of which were canceled, and some merged and dissolved in others, according to a new general plan that seeks to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of the government sector. In line with the requirements of the current and future stages, and within the continuous legislative development process in the emirate, which gives it the ability to accelerate the pace of work and enter a new development stage.

Perhaps what is striking about the matter is that the follower of these changes may clearly notice the end of the role of some of these institutions, as they are no longer valid for the present time, and in these changing circumstances, or the presence of some overlapping roles with existing bodies, which means the need to dissolve them in those bodies to obtain results more effective. It is very clear that the new changes will lead to the provision of innovative government services, and will strengthen the central and main role of the Dubai government, which makes the happiness of all segments of society the ultimate goal to achieve, and stimulate cultural harmony and community harmony.

It is Dubai’s distinct flexibility, which can keep pace with all changes, and overcome all challenges and difficulties with unparalleled agility and vitality, and this is realistic strategic planning based on real numbers, that planning that reads reality correctly, and anticipates the future carefully and deliberately, so its results will definitely be positive. And it is moving confidently towards the path of full recovery, before the rest of the world, from the financial and economic crises that developed countries have suffered due to the terrible epidemic that has swept the world.

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