The House of Craftsmen in Abu Dhabi participates in the International Biennial of Arts and Crafts


The House of Craftsmen of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi took part in the activities of the fifth edition of the International Biennial of Arts and Crafts, in Paris, which will be held at the Grand Palais Ifemere in the French capital until 12 June.
A platform created by the French art workshops, the exhibition pays homage to French and global cultural creativity by bringing together artisans and creative professionals along with unsurpassed works of art from around the world and a forum for exchanging experiences. The House of Craftsmen highlights the efforts of the United Arab Emirates to preserve and preserve the traditional cultural heritage through generations and to raise awareness of traditional and creative practices and methods in the craft and art of the Emirates.
Together with over 300 international creators, textile and craft artists, designers, producers and art institutions, a group of established and future creative and designers have represented the country’s art and cultural creations. The group of creators in House of Craftsmen includes Sheikha Al Ali, designer and founder of Studio Story, artist Aisha Hader, designer Jawaher Al Khayal, Mohammed Al Suwaidi, designer and founder of Asateer, Azza Al Sharif, founder of Canvas Studio and textile and product designer, and Ghaya Bin Mismar, product designer in “Irthy Council for Contemporary Crafts” in collaboration with “Studio Mermelada”.
Each of them presented his works of art inspired by the country’s natural environment, resources and raw materials. These designs offer a new perspective to young designers and artists in the region.
Among the art presented during the exhibition is the art of Sadu, a traditional multi-purpose weaving craft that gets its raw materials from livestock, such as goat hair, camel hair or sheep wool, in addition to wicker, which is weaving or braiding palm leaves inspired by the oases to make various products and tools. It is a form of embroidery using traditional fishing nets, ropes and threads. Each design and style reflects the patience, perseverance, ingenuity, flexibility and wisdom of the Emirates.
Salama Al Shamsi, director of the House of Craftsmen, said he is keen to contribute to the craft and design system that encourages the exchange of knowledge. There is no doubt that participation in the Biennale represents a milestone for talented artisans in the country to introduce the UAE’s cultural heritage in line with the ministry’s efforts to preserve and protect the Emirate’s traditional craftsmanship from disappearance and support local artisans in developing and refining their skills in in line with Abu Dhabi’s efforts to support the cultural and creative industries sector.
She added: The Artisans’ House’s participation in the Biennale helps to promote dialogue with different cultures and gives our designers and creators the opportunity to introduce our traditional crafts and the richness of our cultural heritage and show it to the world through this prestigious cultural event, as well as the meeting of talented artists from all over the world in a unique celebration of culture.
The House of Craftsmen is part of the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive mission to highlight the richness and diversity of Abu Dhabi’s history and heritage in innovative and inspiring ways. The House of Craftsmen is located next to Qasr Al Hosn and the Abu Dhabi Cultural Complex and aims to raise awareness of the Emirates’ ancient heritage by preserving the cultural authenticity of Abu Dhabi’s traditional handicrafts and preserving the skills and knowledge associated with it. with them. through new initiatives and means of interpretation.