The Emirates A380 Resumes Daly Flights To Amman, Jordan



Emirates has resumed daily Airbus A380 flights to Amman, the capital city of Jordan. While the airline had previously resumed A380 flights to the city, they were intermixed with Boeing 777 flights before Saturday. The airline is generally operating an increased A380 schedule right now to account for the Easter holiday rush.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Amman
Emirates is set to fly the Airbus A380 to Amman daily from now on. Photo: Emirates

It’s been an entire year since the hum of the Airbus A380’s engines became absent from the skies. While many carriers are yet to return the type to the skies, one is making good progress. UAE carrier Emirates has already resumed flights with the type on many routes.

Amman now daily

Since the Emirates A380 recovery began, the giant of the skies has been no stranger to Amman. However, the schedule for EK903 contained both the Airbus A380 and Boeing 777. This all changed with the IATA summer 2021 schedule’s arrival, as the A380 is now set to fly to the Queen Alia International Airport daily.

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In addition to making the A380 a daily appearance at the airport, Emirates is also operating an additional flight, EK905, to Amman. This will means that the airport is served by 12 flights a week. As the A380 service is daily, the second flight will operate five times per week.

Emirates, Airbus A380, Amman
The Boeing 777 will operate a second flight to Amman on select days. Photo: Dubai Airports

The flights will operate to the following schedule,


  • EK 903 – 14:05 Dubai (DXB) – 16:00 Amman (AMM) – Airbus A380 – Daily
  • EK 904 – 18:00 Amman (AMM) – 22:00 Dubai (DXB) – Airbus A380 – Daily
  • EK 905 – 21:00 Dubai (DXB) – 00:15+1 Amman (AMM) – Boeing 777 – 5x week
  • EK 906 – 02:05 Amman (AMM) – 06:05 Dubai (DXB) – Boeing 777 – 5x week

An ever expanding schedule

However, the schedule expansion doesn’t end there. From July 1st, Emirates will fly to the city twice a day, every day of the week. Emirates said that the development of the route shows its commitment to safely connect passengers through Dubai while also calling it a “testament to the strengthened demand to and from Amman”.

In August, Simple Flying reported that Emirates was hoping to operate its entire pre-COVID-19 route network of 143 destinations this summer. Of course, not all of these would be handled by the Airbus A380, with the vast majority of the fleet still grounded. According to an analysis by Simple Flying, the Dubai-based airline is planning to fly the giant of the skies to 18 different cities this summer. Since 2011, the airline has flown the A380 to 73 different airports.


Emirates, Airbus A380, Amman
The Emirates A380 should serve 18 cities this summer. Photo: Dubai Airports

Since ungrounding its Airbus A380 fleet, the first Amman flight with the giant of the skies took place on November 5th. A6-EVG, a two-year-old Airbus A380, operated that flight. According to data from, this particular A380 has flown to Amman five times in the past year. Most recently, it flew to Bangkok on Saturday.

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