The death of the Iraqi poet Muzaffar Al-Nawab in a hospital in the Emirates



The great Iraqi poet Muzaffar Al-Nawab died in a hospital in the Emirates today, at the age of 88.

And the Iraqi Ministry of Culture said in a statement today: The great poet Muzaffar Al-Nawab died in the Sharjah Teaching Hospital in the UAE due to a terminal illness.

The Minister of Culture, Hassan Nazim, said, “The late poet is one of the most important Iraqi poetic voices, as he was distinguished by his abundant production, with clear proficiency and an outstanding ability to adapt the language and his possession of an inexhaustible aesthetic store that enabled him to write poetry in all its forms.”

Nazim stressed that the departure of the deputies represents a great loss for literature, as it represented a model for a committed poet, and that his poems enriched the Iraqi poetic scene with a rich product that was distinguished by its uniqueness and sweetness.

Nazim pointed out that what the poet left behind will remain in the memory of generations, stressing the determination of the Ministry of Culture to reprint his books and collections to serve as a source of inspiration for readers and those interested.

Representatives were born in 1934 in Karkh, the capital, Baghdad, then studied at the University of Baghdad, got involved in political work, and moved between several capitals, including Damascus, Beirut, Baghdad and other European cities.

The late one of the most famous poets of Iraq in the modern era stood in his popular and eloquent poems on the side of the poor and the toiling and Arab issues.

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