The British Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai discusses the future of textiles


Today, the British Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai opened an exhibition that discusses the “future of textiles” and presents more sustainable ways of making clothes, while presenting the public in the form of fashion developments and the textile that enters the manufacture of all types of clothing in the world.

The “Future of Textiles” exhibition is part of the “Future… What will we wear?” event, which includes a series of dialogues, exhibitions, interactive digital presentations and workshops at the UK Pavilion, running from 22 to 27 October.

It deals with the event “In the future, what will we wear?”

How to develop the global fashion industry to meet the challenges raised during recent editions of London Fashion Week, such as the impact of technology, social changes, and the climate crisis on future fashion.

The “Future of Textiles” exhibition presents the public with research developed by a team from De Montfort University, which explains more sustainable ways to make clothing by avoiding the use of traditional synthetic dyes that can have harmful effects on the environment and humans.

Scientific research indicates the importance of relying on laser technology to color and engraving the surfaces of textiles, and the use of innovative materials such as “bark fibers” taken from the stems of plants (flax, hemp and nettle), which, along with wool, can provide materials for making fabrics more sustainable and safer for the environment, compared to polyester and cotton. .

On the establishment of the British pavilion for the “Future of Textiles” exhibition at Expo 2020 Dubai, Dr. Claire Lerbenier, Senior Lecturer in Textile Design at De Montfort University, said: “When we think about the transition to responsible and sustainable fashion, cooperation is necessary, because when there is cooperation, it reaches The message is stronger.

We need designers, craftsmen, engineers, businessmen and accountants with AI expertise to support our ideas.

All of these people have a role to play, and the more we cooperate and work together, the greater the impact of our work collectively, which we see Expo 2020 as a vital area.”

The exhibition “The Future of Textiles” features designs by students and graduates from De Montfort University, some of which were made using space age techniques, or with old materials developed in a new style.

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