Sunday, August 1, 2021

Techie OFWs in Dubai develop app called ‘News in Bullets’

Filipino tech experts in Dubai have developed an app called “News in Bullets”, which summarizes news from major news outlets not only from the Philippines but all over the world, making top global stories very easy to read for users.

RJ David, Chief Innovation Officer of News in Bullets said that the app filters the news headlines based on the user’s preferred topics, as well as publication sources to filter fake news. The news and information are then presented in digestible bullet points to save the users time in web browsing.

He said searching for news and information on specific topics can be stressful when switching tabs and apps, and most of the time fake news proliferates the digital space. “So we thought, how useful would it be for everyone, especially the OFWs, if we have an app where all the news items that matter are in one tab,” David said, adding, “Through this innovation, we hope to bring news about home closer, when home is needed the most.”

In addition, filtering news, which is deemed by many as a stressful topic, also improves the mental health of readers, especially during the pandemic.

“There are some users who feel that they would be better off if they don’t read news regarding COVID or other topics they deem too stressful for them. Because of that, we are building a fully customizable environment to care for their mental well-being while also keeping them up to date with the news that matters,” said Clarence Ancheta, News in Bullets Chief Technology Officer.

News in Bullets Filipino team

The concept of News in Bullets was developed by a team of young talents in Dubai, which are mostly Filipinos. So far, the app has reached a total of 22,627 downloads for both iOS and Android.

Ancheta added that the company will soon open its platform to the public. “This means that if you have a profile in our app and agree to comply with our community guidelines, you will be free to post your own news content and potentially earn from the traffic you generate.”

Through its Newsreels section, News in Bullets also targets youth who are highly engaged in Social Media. The section allows the subscriber to view and upload their video content similar to the famous apps TikTok and IG.

Harold Diolazo, Head of Partnerships & Business Development, said the News in Bullets app showcases the world-class talent of Filipinos working abroad who were inspired to create digital innovations to serve their fellow OFWs and other nationalities.

“It does not take as much time to read news of preferred topics, and there’s literally more information to take in just a few lines. I hope that our app can positively impact readership in the Philippines, as we made this app with our kababayans in mind,” said Ancheta.

News in Bullets is available for download on the Goolge Play Store and Apple App Store.

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