Talks held by representatives of the Syrian pavilion at the Dubai Expo with their counterparts from several countries


Dubai (ST): Commercial coordination officials at the Syrian Pavilion at (Expo Dubai 2020) held their first meeting in a series of economic meetings with representatives of the pavilions of Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, Malaysia and Poland, with the aim of building bridges of cooperation and exploring the economic opportunities offered by the exhibition.

Discussions during the meeting focused on the heavy industry sector through a presentation presented by Esnad Company for the production of all types of high-quality steel structures, one of the pavilion’s trading partners. 

The coordinator of the commercial department for the private sector in the Syrian pavilion, Manaf Arnous, confirmed that Syria has factories and industries, which makes it a strong and distinctive presence in Expo 2020.

The meeting comes as part of a series of meetings and workshops organized by Syria’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai to present a presentation on commercial companies and their activities and talk about the opportunities in Syria and the competitive advantage of products and heavy industries with regard to quality, cost and pricing.

The Syrian pavilion, especially the commercial section, is gaining great importance through its participation in the exhibition, as it is an occasion to hold talks with officials from different countries of the world with the aim of introducing more about the Syrian product.