Taiko Dubai reimagines the Ramadan iftar experience with fusion dishes


Taiko Dubai invites guests to rethink Ramadan dining this year with an innovative iftar offering to ignite the imagination.

The restaurant is the brainchild of Executive Chef Schilo van Coevorden, a culinary leader known for his talent and love of all things unique and original. Throughout the holy month, Taiko Dubai will pay homage to the richly authentic cuisine of the Far East, blending the rich flavours and textures of Asia and the Middle East.

Dishes showcase hidden secrets and introduce an array of exotic ingredients, all reinterpreted with a contemporary eye, using a variety of traditional and modern techniques. The result is a reflection of the years of intertwined trade and cultures between the Middle and the Far East. Noteworthy dishes from the menu include the Wasabi flavored Falafel as well as Couscous & Lobster, perfectly tender lobster infused with mild Arabic spices, served with a traditional couscous.

Mains feature an assortment of dishes including Wagyu Biryani, a traditional yet modern take on the much-loved Emirati dish, and Baby Chicken marinated with miso and pomegranate. All entrees are accompanied by servings of Asparagus with Tahina, freshly roasted asparagus served with a splash of tahina dressing, to add a light and nutritious element to the hearty meal.

The culinary journey concludes with a choice of desserts, including the Umm Ali desert infused with matcha and served with a rich Date Ice-Cream for a decadent ending to a celebratory festive feast.