Surgeons from 13 countries lend a hand to UAE’s first holographic surgery


The Emirates has effectively demonstrated its proficiency when it comes to integrating tech with healthcare during the pandemic, and this seems to have unleashed UAE’s appetite for innovation in medtech. Doctors at Emirati hospitals have successfully adapted to remote consultations for boosting telemedicine, and have achieved several firsts when it comes to healthcare in the region.

The country has witnessed robots removing tumours, foetal surgeries and sophisticated devices the size of tiny coins being implanted, in the past year alone. Now 15 doctors from 13 countries have collaborated for UAE’s first ever holographic surgery carried out at Burjeel Medical City in the Emirati capital Abu Dhabi.

The surgeons used Microsoft’s mixed reality smart glasses called HoloLens 2 for the procedure which lasted 24 hours. They used the device to visualise the surgery and simulate the operation remotely, after which they shared insights and recommendations with peers carrying out the actual procedure in the Emirates.

A diverse set of practitioners from countries including India, US, Morocco and Germany participated in the tech-equipped medical breakthrough, which promises to boost precision and informed decision making for surgeries. Microsoft’s headset was also powered by Dynamics 365 set of applications that enabled seamless data sharing, providing surgeons a crystal clear view of the patient’s anatomy in real time.

In addition to tech-driven operations that have the potential to boost medical collaborations on a global scale, Dubai’s position as a destination for medical tourism is being bolstered by more innovations in healthcare. The country is now providing stealth surgeries where small incisions are used to conduct procedures deep inside the body, hardly leaving any scars for the patients to deal with.

Backing from Emirati authorities for adoption of tech and a willingness among patients to opt for novel procedures promises further development in healthcare for a country which recently unveiled a smart hospital, and is on track to launch a virtual hospital as well.

Image: Shutterstock