Successful Fishbone Stimulation Completion for an Onshore Oil Field, United Arab Emirates


The complete paper describes the operator’s first implementation of fishbone stimulation technology. A multidisciplinary team analyzed the operational procedures, conducted risk assessments and logistical studies, and established contingency plans, technical requirements, and technical limitations. The deployment of the equipment and the production results were a success, overcoming hazard risks and uncertainties and closing gaps from previous, partially effective applications. According to the authors, fishbone stimulation technology will help increase productivity in a well too risky to be hydraulically fractured and beyond the reach of coiled tubing.


As the industry seeks dynamic changes and novel ideas to increase the productivity of tight, thin reservoirs, fisbone stimulation represents a lower-risk and -cost solution to ensure deep connectivity with the reservoir in situations in which traditional conventional stimulation practices have reached their potential boundaries without achieving crude recovery objectives.

The project described in the complete paper is part of a series of field-development projects in United Arab Emirates onshore fields to exceed expectations of the committed production targets.