Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Star International School Al Twar Collaborates with a Zanzibar School to Empower Students and Teachers

In an effort to enhance education for schools abroad, Star International School Al Twar partners with Steiner school Creative Education Foundation Zanzibar (CEFZ) to help improve its curriculum through technology. SIS Al Twar’s vision is to nurture and inspire students to reach their full potential, and as a result of its recent visit to Zanzibar during spring break of 2021, the school decided to collaborate with CEFZ to execute its vision.

Education is power, and at SIS Al Twar, students and faculty recognise this as the first step for improving quality of life. Living in Dubai, the students of SIS Al Twar are aware that their quality of education and life has brought them to heights not everyone can reach, and to extend a helping hand, the students have connected with CEFZ to pass on their knowledge. In the last academic year, CEFZ’s Principal, Judi Palmer, visited SIS Al Twar, where she toured the facilities, met with students, and expressed her interest to bring such a rich learning environment to Zanzibar. Inspired by this idea, SIS Al Twar decided to promote positive change in their communities and the wider world. 

To support CEFZ with its education, SIS Al Twar uses its technology to empower teachers and children alike

SIS Al Twar uses STEM in its curriculum paired with many other resources that have helped the school excel in educating students. Now the knowledge will be passed on to further help students around the world, beginning in Zanzibar. To support CEFZ with its education, SIS Al Twar uses its technology to empower teachers and children alike. This unique partnership is the creation of the Head of Foundation Stage and Primary, Ms Claire Gilmore, who, from initiation to execution, has planned every detail with her students to make this project come to fruition. Knowledge and technology are powerful tools at the disposal of SIS Al Twar and are being used to support CEFZ.
The schools held a first virtual assembly on 15 April, a magnificent experience for both schools and the first time the students at CEFZ had received a Zoom call. The student council of Star International created a welcome video for the Zanzibar students to watch and learn about Star, and now the schools will have weekly Zoom meetings where each school will continue to learn from the other. Primary student council members have written scripts and created films showing all the different areas of the school. In contrast, some Secondary students have created step-by-step ‘How To’ videos that teachers will reference and incorporate into their teaching methodologies. 

SIS Al Twar students also benefit by learning how to become global citizens

While breaking barriers, building bridges, and using technology to empower others, SIS Al Twar students also benefit by learning how to become global citizens. “Our children are eager to make contact with the students in Zanzibar to understand their culture and what their school days look like,” said Principal Dolly. “They know that education leads to a better quality of life, and living in Dubai, our students realise they are privileged. The hope of our students is to lend a helping hand to CEFZ, and through an Enterprise Day led by the children and with the resources they are offering the school, they are sure to help these students with their learning. But now, based on the principle of ‘teach a man to fish’, our plans are on a grander scale! Vice Principal Kyle Knott visited the Zanzibar school during Spring Break and had the pleasure of meeting the schools’ director, headmistress and students, where he was able to take part in a range of Steiner-based lessons such as ‘movement’ and ‘crafts’. While on his trip, Kyle and the Zanzibar School director, Judi, discussed how both schools can work together to further support the development of all students across both schools.”

The schools held a first virtual assembly on 15 April

More than a school, Star International Al Twar is a community for families and its faculty members. With the enrolment of about 500 students from over 43 nationalities, staff can provide students with a personalised learning experience through a holistic approach, which ensures the curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of its students for academic and vocational pathways. Star Al Twar’s foundation is built on nine qualities that the community prides itself on: success, tolerance, ambition, resilience, loyalty, inclusivity, gratefulness, honesty, and thoughtfulness. These qualities are cultivated in all of Star Al Twar’s students and aid their personal and social development. Above all, Star Al Twar is highly committed to inclusion and their motto stating that “no child gets left behind.” 

Furthermore, Star International School Al Twar is a family-oriented school with faculty and staff working alongside parents and the wider community to offer its children the best opportunities it possibly can. Emphasising happiness, positivity, and its pupils’ well-being and academic careers, Star Al Twar looks forward to welcoming students through its doors throughout the year.

To enrol your child at Star International Al Twar, please visit https://www.starintlschoolaltwar.com to learn more about its admissions process.

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