Thursday, August 5, 2021

Sierra Leone records over one thousand Covid-19 cases in the last one month

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 June 2021:

Sierra Leone’s agency responsible for managing the government’s Covid programme – NACOVERC, yesterday reported that 1,003 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded between 25th of May 2021 to 24th June 2021, with an increase of 8 deaths during that period, from 79 to 87, amid fears of rising Indian variant in the country.

According to NACOVERC, “Sierra Leone has experienced 1st and 2nd waves of Covid-19; and from all indications, Sierra Leone is now experiencing a 3rd wave as cases increase exponentially. Most of the positive cases in the 3rd wave are symptomatic.

“Government is considering progressive measures if cases keep increasing. The Indian variant otherwise known as Delta variant has been detected in two female samples.”

Yesterday, 103 new cases of Covid-19 were recorded bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 5,155, with over 60% of the total confirmed cases in Freetown.

The government’s vaccination programme is struggling to take off due to very low take-up amid fears of safety.

Early this week a nurse working at the PCMH Hospital in Freetown died shortly after taking the vaccine, suspected of having serious underlying conditions. The woman was believed to have been suffering from asthma.

NACOVERC says that 101, 000 people have so far taken the first dose and 27,000 the second dose; and that “everyone should take the vaccines as they are safe and efficacious”.

“AstraZeneca and Sinopharm are the two vaccines that are available in Sierra Leone. There are 8 vaccination sites in Freetown. Freetown remains the epicentre of the virus. People 30 years and above should go for vaccine,” NACOVERC said yesterday.

Responding to growing speculation about the death of the nurse after taking the vaccine, this is what the ministry of health said:

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