Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sierra Leone celebrates 60th independence anniversary

Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio./AFP
Sierra Leone’s President Julius Maada Bio./AFP

Sierra Leone on Tuesday celebrated the country’s 60th independence anniversary to mark its historic occasion of gaining independence from Britain.

“Our freedom fighters went through countless suffering to give us our freedom. 27th April is a day of remembrance and honor to our heroes,” said Sierra Leonean President Julius Maada Bio at a ceremony, adding that over the past 60 years, the Sierra Leonean people have learned to live together as a nation.

“We have felt the pain, learned the lessons, used the lessons as opportunities to learn, and drawn strength from those opportunities to become a better nation,” he said.

The president said the country is investing heavily to increase the quality of education and healthcare, develop agriculture and promote food security as “the people of Sierra Leone are the most valuable resource.”

Some West African leaders also joined the celebration at the State House.

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