Shycocan addresses safe work places in the UAE with its new virus attenuation device


Shycocan addresses safe workplaces in the UAE with its new virus attenuation device

The device is proven to effectively neutralize coronavirus and influenza viruses in indoor spaces

Dubai, United Arab Emirates; 9 June2021: Shycocan Corporation addresses the critical need to implement safe workplaces in the UAE at its inaugural partner event held at the Doubt Tree by Hilton. With businesses needing to operate under strict safety guidelines and reduced capacity, Shycocan unveiled the world’s first virus attenuation device, which can effectively neutralise the positive charge of the virus, thereby disabling it from infecting any employee.

Distributed in the UAE by Redington, Shycocan, has received widespread attention and demand from sectors including hospitals, clinics, schools, higher education institutions, banks, manufacturing and retail outlets, airports, hospitality, government offices, real estate corporations and businesses.

Developed by well-known Indian scientist and inventor Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, the cylindrical deviceis scientifically evidenced to help curb the spread of the virus amid the pandemic. It is proven to neutralize the Coronavirus family of viruses in indoor spaces withupto 99.9% efficacy*, enabling businesses and services to operate in a safe environment and return to pre-pandemic life.

Shycocan welcomed more than 30 system integrators, solution providers and value-added resellers from the UAE.

During the event, Madhav Narayan, Managing Director of Shycocan META DMCC emphasized the impact of the lockdowns and restrictions brought to businesses across the globe and the importance of transformative innovative technology to deliver long-term value needed to protect people’s health and save millions of hours of lost productivity for businesses.

Alok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer at Shycocan Corporation said, “The disruptions caused by COVID-19 has shown us that there is a need for every enclosed space in the world to install a ‘Virus Attenuation Device’ that shall protect its inhabitants from the transmission of the virus. This creates one of largest emerging business opportunity for channel partners and help bring lives and businesses back to normal without fear and anxiety.”

He further added “Shycocan is poised to emerge as a leader to create this category due to it pathbreaking technology that is unique to this device only, unlike other devices that are just repackaging old technology. We stand heads and shoulders above other technologies in viral-defence and bio-safety.”

SMEs represents more than 94% of companies in the UAE, employing about 86% of the country’s private sector workforce and generating 52% of the non-oil GDP, according to the Ministry of Economy. The sudden elevated uncertainty and the reduction in spending severely impacted the ability of SMEs to function resulting in increased unemployment.

“Thus, helping SMEs ride out the pandemic is critical, but what’s more important is to help them tackle the longer-term challenges that they will face in adapting to the post-pandemic landscape and envision a next normal for doing business,” added Sharma.

Shycocan is one of the most thoroughly tested devices for both safety and efficacy. It neither uses nor emits radiation, chemicals, ozone, any toxic material. It is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment. Additionally, it does not harm the bacterial ecosystem and microbes that thrive in the environment and are essential for ourimmunity.

Jeetendra Berry, President, IT Volume Distribution- Middle East for Redington Gulf, commented“Redington has been at the forefront of partnering with technology innovators to bring latest technologies to the region. Our partnership with Shycocan has come at a time when businesses are getting back to normal in the Middle East and a solution like Shycocan may help catalyse the process. Redington will make the product available through its extensive network of channel partners in the UAE. We will also conduct various awareness sessions in partnership with Shycocan for our channel partners to drive a better understanding of the product.”

What we have seen in the UAE is various examples of how businesses can stay safely open during times when most of the world was shut.  This has kept the economy ticking and shown that even in segments like hospitality and tourism, which suffered across most of the world, if we are sensible and take proper precautions, we can stay open and thrive.  Shycocan is just one of those products that gives added confidence which is why we decided to sell it at Jacky’s Electronics,” said Ashish Panjabi, Chief Operating Officer, Jacky’s Electronics LLC.

About Shycocan Corporation

ShycocanCorporation,is a global licensee of the device, for manufacturing, sales, marketing, distribution, and services. Shycocan is the world’s first Virus Attenuation Device that can disable the entire virus family in the pandemic and Influenza family of viruses in indoor spaces with 99.9% efficacy while being completely safe for humans, animals and the environment, as proven in multiple virology lab test reports. It conforms to the regulatory requirements of the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa, India and many other countries.  

Shycocan Corporation is founded by a team of blue-chip technology and industry professionals led by Mr. Alok Sharma, the former MD of Apple India. Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar, is the scientist-inventor behind the Shycocan device and holds over 30+ inventions globally.

The company’s immediate goal is to ensure indoor environments are free of transmission risks from the virus in the pandemic and Influenza virus families of the present and the future for organisations to restart their business and help bring life back to normal. The company backs up its offering with customised consultations, a one-year replacement warranty, a global support and service network and a post-installation audit. The target customer segments of the company include hospitals, clinics, schools, higher education, banking, manufacturing, retail, hospitality, entertainment, fitness, government offices, real estate, other businesses, and homes.

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*As per various tests conducted at the accredited laboratories. Refer to specific details of the report.