Monday, August 2, 2021

“Sharjah Youth” discuss the “invasion” and learn rhetoric

The Sharjah Youth Foundation, affiliated to the Rubu’ Qarn Foundation for the Industry of Leaders and Innovators, hosted the writer Dr. Omar Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Vice President of the Emirates Society of Internal Diseases, in a virtual program entitled “At the Table of a Book”, to talk about his book “The Invasion” and discuss it with a group of Sharjah youth affiliates aged 13 to 18 years.

This came during an interactive knowledge meeting through visual communication techniques, moderated by writer Ghaith Al Hosani through visual communication techniques through the “Zoom” platform, as part of the activities of the virtual camp for Sharjah youth “Your Summer and Yana”, which is held under the auspices of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, the “official media sponsor”, under the The slogan is “Summer Experience that Refreshes Your Skills”.

In its latest edition, entitled “The Invasion”, the affiliates of Sharjah Youth Affairs discussed about Corona .. What happened and what does the future look like? The youth expressed their views on the book in a constructive critical manner, and the extent of the writer’s success in traveling with readers through the book’s unconventional introduction between history, geography and strategy Brainstorming, and between being able to combine the substance of the scientific content, simplifying the information in a way that non-specialist readers understand, and presenting it in an entertaining and useful way.

The affiliates showed their interaction through their various questions, their distinctive presentation, and their interaction with Dr. Omar, about the book, which embodies and deepens between its pages the concepts of thanks, gratitude and loyalty, provides space for readers to research and reflect, and answers the questions that have come to minds of people since the beginning of the “Corona” pandemic.

A group of distinguished young people who enriched the meeting with their interaction participated in the program, which included Ali Al-Fazari, Salem Al-Tunaji, Abdul Rahman Mustafa and Hazza Makhlouf, along with Muhammad Al-Ketbi, Rashid Mosbeh, Saleh Salem, Imad Mahmoud, Ahmed Al-Dhanhani and Hammam Obaid.

speech art

On the other hand, the “Speech Skills and Public Speaking Arts” program was held on the Zoom platform, which was implemented in cooperation with the Sharjah Media Training Center of the Sharjah Radio and Television Authority, and was presented by Nevin Saqr, a media professional in the authority and a certified trainer.

The program included many important topics, including, why public speaking is an art, what are the elements of its success, the qualities of an influential speaker and how we address the audience, is mastering public speaking skills useful for us now in the era of social media, and how, and what are the elements of suspense in the art of public speaking, and how Write a good text and present it in an attractive way? The participants were trained on a set of skills in different interactive activities, represented in improving the quality of the voice, regulating and strengthening the breathing process through Wim Hof ​​exercises, in addition to recognizing the importance of breathing in enhancing self-confidence and improving performance in public speaking and recitation, how to express human feelings in voice between sadness and joy. They also participated in reading paragraphs of various speeches to train on the skill of identifying important words and focusing on them in pronunciation.

The affiliates learned about the concept of influence and persuasion and the difference between them and the importance of each in public speaking and public speaking. They also enjoyed watching a set of video clips that contributed to motivating them to excel and define their future goals.


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