Thursday, August 5, 2021

Sharjah Collection Retreats by Mysk boasts the strongest RevPar in Northern Emirates

The 3 boutique eco retreats in Sharjah continue to be a local favorite for staycations since the opening in 2020, exceeding all expectations

Sharjah Collection by Mysk, a group of distinctive boutique eco-retreats under the Mysk by Shaza umbrella, and purposefully located in key locations throughout the emirate of Sharjah, has shown a continued track of excellence in terms of both Revpar (Revenue per available room) and customer recognitions since its opening in 2019, proving that unique guest experiences, inspiring product design, and exemplary service signatures are the key factors for continued success.

The retreats have recorded the strongest Revenue per Available Room (RevPar) in the Northern Emirates since the pandemic, despite travel restrictions and lockdowns. This shows that hotel-goers who needed to find their escapes and adventures chose the unique Sharjah Collection by Mysk retreats as their preferred getaway, a trend that continued well into the pandemic.

Shafik Alaaeddine, General Manager of Sharjah Collection by Mysk, said, “The continued success of Sharjah Collection by Mysk retreats aided in positioning Sharjah as an experiential travel destination in UAE, that provides a beautiful medley of history, culture, conservation and adventure. It is also a testament to the fact that dry resorts can indeed compete with any other hotels, provided they feature tailored guest experiences and a unique story to tell. Our revenue and reputation indicators underline these facts!”

The high level of service, combined with the uniqueness of the resorts, each offering a different key-selling point, has earned Mysk Kingfisher Retreat and Mysk Al Faya Retreat, the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award in 2021, allowing these retreats to make it to the top 10% of best resorts in the world.

Above all else, Sharjah Collection Retreats by Mysk adhered to strict protocols to protect the hotel’s guests and employees and ensure the highest safety levels, following Shaza hotel group’s own high standards programme, named “Shaza ASSURES” (Active Safety & Sanitisation measures to Uphold and Reassure Excellence in Service). The set of health and safety protocols was well accepted by the guests, where they felt safe and protected while travelling with kids and family to retreats.

“Shaza ASSURES” is a set of protocols that are integrated with Shaza’s current Operating Standards. This programme was prepared based on the evidence currently available about COVID-19 transmission and is designed to ensure that Shaza Hotels can protect the health of its guests.

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