Monday, August 2, 2021

Sharjah Art Foundation to explore Japanese architecture with the ‘Remain Calm’ exhibition

Bringing calmness and composure to the lands of Sharjah is Sharjapan’s new exhibition by the Sharjah Art Foundation— Remain Calm: Solitude and Connectivity in Japanese Architecture.

The third edition of the exhibition that is taking place from July 24 to October 1, has been curated by Yuko Hasegawa, director of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan.

The exhibition draws its inspiration from the thirteenth century poet Kamo no Chōmei and looks to the hut or hermitage, as a prototype illustrates one of the underlying spiritual aspects of Japanese architecture. Chōmei lived in a small, portable hut that he moved along the banks of the Kamo River. Living aloof of the outside world, he was at the same time connected to the surrounding environment.

The exhibition showcases architectural projects dating from the thirteenth century to the present, both from historic and contemporary perspectives, keeping two themes into consideration —solitude and connectivity.

Inclusive of modern and contemporary projects, the exhibition embraces simplicity, serenity—and autonomy. The exhibition features sculptural models, multimedia installations, drawings, photographs and scale models of architectural projects.

For instance, there is a model of Sen no Rikyū’s Tai —a tea house at the starting point of the exhibition, that introduce visitors to architects such as Koji Fuji, Togo Murano, Sutemi Horiguchi and Kazuyo Sejima, as well as a performative installation by artist Nile Koetting.

Through the exhibition, various aspects of Japanese culture will be introduced to the audiences of Sharjah. Sharjapan is a four-year collaboration with curator Hasegawa and will take place in galleries one, two and three at Al Mureijah Square, Sharjah.

Cover Image: Sharjah Art Foundation

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