Setting up a real estate business in UAE


With the resumption of air travel, opening up of borders once again and the ongoing success of UAE events such as Expo 2020, people are flying back to Dubai to visit and to conduct business and pursue work, giving the UAE real estate sector a significant boost. Property Values are now starting to rise in many areas of Dubai. The UAE has also been working on improving long term visa options for investors, key workers, digital nomads and international freelancers, to give them a route to permanent residency in the UAE. The structure for this requires that the company be set up as a Sole Establishment or Civil Business, requiring a local National Service Agent (NSA) or sponsor. PRO Partner Group can help navigate this landscape and provide effective solutions. Dubai – Owing to the recent update in regulations, Specialist PRO service provider PRO Partner Group helps real estate brokers to set up businesses in the UAE. Dubai has now announced that Real Estate Brokerage can now be 100% foreign owned, along with a large number of professional activities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The evolving laws and regulations in the country can make establishing a business in the Middle