Semnox implements cashless RFID at Dubai play area


Dubai-based children’s play area and café chain Fiafia has implemented Semnox’s cashless RFID wristbands, handheld PoS, food and beverage PoS, and inventory management system.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic as the vaccination rollout continues, the retail industry has been opening up with a more positive outlook. Adhering to the standards of safety and security, Fiafia is a sought-after destination for parents to bring their children with confidence. The interactive and engaging indoor play area designed to entertain and educate children makes the entertainment centre chain a popular and loved destination.

“Our search for the right system to manage the kids play area and the cafeteria ended with Semnox,” said Alia Nabooda, business owner of Fiafia. “A simple-to-use system, easy metrics and their extensive experience has helped in automating most of our work.”

RFID systems and technology have been changing the landscape of the entertainment and leisure industry by enabling cashless operations and streamlined experience for customers.

“Fiafia is one of our best clients in Dubai,” said Meghashyam Jayaram, client manager at India-based Semnox. “This popular children’s play and entertainment centre chain serves as a perfect venue for the children to learn and have fun at the same time. We implemented a cashless RFID wristband system to fully manage the children’s play area and the cafeteria. I wish Fiafia the very best and we look forward to doing more business with them in future.”

Parafait from Semnox provides a one stop for arcade management operations that focuses on complete management of indoor facilities in the entertainment and leisure arena. It covers all facets of the indoor operations in an integrated system, which includes RFID readers and cards, PoS machines, cashless technology, party bookings, trampoline park management, self-service kiosks, inventory management, food and beverage sales, and maintenance.