SAUCE A Trendy American Diner Concept That Will Transport You To The 1950’s Opens At Dubai Canal


SAUCE, a trendy American Diner concept, reminiscent of the 50’s classic diners opens in Dubai, at the stunning Dubai Canals. Already exploding on the TikTok scene, thanks to the SAUCE branded more-ish burgers, interiors that transport you back to the days of Elvis and swing rock and the waitress’s uniforms, that are a playful throwback nod to the 50’s.

Before you even enter SAUCE you’ll want to throw on your Blue Suede Shoes, thanks to the SAUCE Diner lit up sign. Walking into SAUCE the neon signage, black and white zig zag floors and walls, red and tiffany blue chrome tables and accents will have you singing Johnny B.Goode!

Staying true to SAUCE’s namesake they have an impressive 20 (yes20) saucy sauces to choose from, some with a fun local twist, sauces include;

Blue Cheese Mayo, Beetroot Mayo, Siracha Mayo, Chipotle Aioli, Melted Cheese with Jalapeño, Melted Cheese, Truffle Mayo, Truffle Garlic Labneh, Tzatziki, Gravy, Alabama, Tahini Mustard, Ranch, Chipotle, Cocktail, Honey BBQ, Thousand Island, Herbs Mayo and the signature black mamba!

The menu will have even the hungriest Peggy Sue say “gee whiz”


Salads include, America Taco Salad, Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad, Honey Lemon Quinoa Salad.

But no one comes to a diner just for the salads, say La Bamba to some of SAUCE’s signature dishes including;

Signature Wagyu Beef Burger AED 76.00 Wagyu, crispy bacon ham, crispy breaded onion ring, pickled cucumber, caramelized tomato, sliced cheddar, creamy mayo. Served with choice of fries or house salad

DXB Hotdog AED 39.00 Choice of beef or chicken hotdog Potato roll bun, fried onion, garlic sauce, tahini sauce with harissa ketchup. Served with choice of fries

Blue Cheese Slider AED 52.00 Australian wagyu, potato bun, lettuce, caramelized onion, tomato chutney, crispy fried onion with blue cheese mayo. Served with choice of fries or house salad

Tex Mex Beef Slider AED 52.00 (Sloppy Joe Style) Texmex beef, potato bun, sliced cheddar, lettuce with creamy mayo. Served with choice of fries or house salad

Truffle Cream Pizza AED 87.00 Truffle sauce, mushroom, slice chili, shaved parmesan with mozzarella

Wagyu Steak AED 139.00/159.00 200/250grams Australian wagyu beef. Served with choice of fries and house salad

Grilled Chicken Breast AED 82.00 Citrus honey glaze, corn puree, steam asparagus and broccolini Served with choice of fries

Grilled Lambchop AED 152.00 200grams Australian lamb chop, rosemary gravy, steamed asparagus with broccolini. Served with choice of fries

Sauce Toppings:Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Crushed Toppings :Crushed lotus biscuit, Oreo cookies, kit kat chocolate, kinder

Not only is SAUCE perfect for the kid in all of us but for actual kids (even though they don’t know who Danny Zuko is) SAUCE offers a fantastic menu including;

Kids Classic Hotdog AED 29.00 Choice of chicken or beef hotdog in potato bun roll with ketchup, mustard and mayo served with choice of fries or house salad

Kids Chicken Slider AED 32.00 Chicken fingers, sliced cheddar, lettuce, ketchup & mayo sauce in potato bun. Served with choice of fries or house salad

Kids Mac N Cheese AED 36.00 Creamy mac n cheese sauce, toasted bread crumbs, parmesan and cheddar

Top your meal off with one of SAUCE’s Xtreamshakes which include;

COTTON CANDY SHAKE AED 59.00 Rimmed vanilla frosting rolled in rainbow chocolate chip, funky gelo and lollipop, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and cotton candy

COOKIES AND CREAM SHAKE AED 59.00 Nutella frosted rim with cookie crumbled, topped with chocolate chip sandwich, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and sprinkles

Full Shake Menu Here

SAUCE is located in Al Habtoor City, Noora Tower, 2 Hours Free Basement Parking Available

Open Daily 12pm – 12am

Phone Number: 056 538 8388



SAUCEoffers a variety of simple, trendy and in-demand products of food, beverages and desserts. Some of the standard menu items include the typical burgers and hotdogs, salads, pizzas and sandwiches, milkshakes, brownies. Though the SAUCEconcept is to remain true to the typical American diner, it also includes a fusion from different countries, as it should being located in one of the most diverse cities in the world. Sauces include Indian, Local and Levantine delicacies within their tastes, for example: Garlic Labneh, Tahini Mustard and Harissa ketchup.

The mission of SAUCE is to offer food and service as it should be. It should taste good. It should feel good. It should do good for you and the people around you.

The restaurant is located in Al Habtoor City, a mere 5-10-minute drive from the heart of Dubai, Downtown. Al Habtoor City consists of 3 luxury 5-star hotels offering more than 1,600 rooms, 3 residential towers (two of them being 73-storey towers and one 52-storey tower), more than 10 retail outlets and La Perle, the first and only resident aqua theatre and show in the region. The restaurant will be situated in the Noora Tower, right on the canal walk where the population of DIFC, Downtown, Business Bay and AL Habtoor City choose to exercise or find entertainment. SAUCEwill have a capacity to seat 40people inside and 60people outside, making a grand space for families and friends.