Sunday, August 1, 2021

Salon in Dubai brings technology to beauty with introducing microchip manicure that turns into a data storage device

In the age of social distancing, the amalgamation of technology and beauty has taken Dubai by storm, and all for good. A salon in Dubai has taken beauty to another level that it is helping individuals use their nails as a data storage device.

The innovation is being offered at Lanour Beauty Lounge near Dubai’s Trade Centre. At the salon, customers are offered the Samrat Nail manicure service —wherein they can get the high-tech smart nail microchip manicure.

The new-aged manicure involves placing a tiny microchip on top of the fingernail that is then covered and secured with layers of glitter nail polish, which makes the chip completely invisible. The ones getting them can choose to upload their desired information to a microchip via an application available on either iPhone or Android.

These microchips under the nails can store social media accounts and other basic information and can be scanned by smartphone users to pull up the digital business card.

The nail parlour offering this service shared that the microchip uses near-field communication (NFC) —a technology used for communication between two electronic devices over a distance of four centimetres or less. According to the salon, on tapping on the chip-bearing, the finger can transfer personal data such as WhatsApp details, a digital business card, or social media details within seconds.

The microchip is also claimed to be safe and cannot be hacked or traced. While the data storage capacity of the chip is quite low, for now, the makers are hopeful that in near future, more data can be stored. For now, the microchip underneath can pay the bills, share menus, and other information.

The microchip manicure has been priced at AED 250, which is almost $70 for the first application and can last up to three weeks. The salon also offers annual memberships for the ones wanting it regularly and can cost up to AED 1,000, around $300, for 12 applications.

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