Rylan Clark-Neal slams influences flying to Dubai


Rylan Clark-Neal has slammed influencers for flying to Dubai.

Rylan Clark-Neal

Rylan Clark-Neal

The 32-year-old presenter is disappointed with the number of social media and reality stars who have flown to the UAE while people are struggling to survive during the pandemic.

He told The Sun newspaper: “The things I work on are worthy of doing. I’m not going to Dubai on a plane and taking photos in my bikini. I’m actually going to work and hosting programmes like ‘Ready Steady Cook’ and showing people how to cook a meal for under a fiver, which is handy right now.

“I wish anyone luck however they make money, whether that’s online, in a shop, however you do it — and good luck to the influencers. But I just feel at a time when there are a lot of things going on, seeing pictures of people getting on a plane going to a foreign country and lording it up on the beach for work purposes — well, I can’t believe how much work there seems to be going on in the UAE!”

Rylan has been having a blast working from home during the coronavirus lockdown as he is able to present his radio show in his pants.

He quipped: “It has been lovely to present Radio 2 in my pants. I can’t imagine Ken Bruce doing it like that. He’s too professional.

“Thanks to lockdown I have had a few more days off. But I feel fortunate. I’ve got a nice house and a job I love. I’ve also been lucky to have worked during the pandemic.”

However, Rylan isn’t ready to slow down anytime soon as he hopes to follow in the footsteps of chat show host Graham Norton in the near future.

He added: “I’d love to follow in the footsteps of Graham Norton, but give it a few more years and maybe a bit more wisdom. I don’t like running before I can walk. I was thrown in at the deep end and I wasn’t running — I was f****** sprinting.”