Ronaldo’s exotic Dubai gift for his lover


Technically known as the most famous baller on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo used his elite status to pull off something truly special for his partner’s 28th birthday in Dubai. Check it out!

The world’s most-followed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo went big for his partner Georgina Rodriguez’s birthday, as the superstar gave her a fascinating Dubai experience.

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All things Dubai!

Known to have strong relations in Dubai, Ronaldo may have pulled a few strings to ensure that his lover has a birthday celebration worth remembering. 

In a stunning affair, Rodriguez’s face was for the whole city to see as she a picture of her lit up the extraordinary Burj Khalifa.

The Ronaldo family stood just a short distance from the building as they had a roof-top dinner facing the architectural marvel.

Rodriguez was in awe and she thanked her lover in an Instagram post, saying: “That’s how this exciting day ends, don’t sell me the words.”

“Thanks, thanks, and thanks, Cristiano Ronaldo. You make me happier every day.”

“Thanks, Dubai for treating us so well and making us feel at home. Thanks to all you have worked so that this day is so special and thanks to all who are always happy for my happiness and my family.”

Did you know?

The Burj Khalifa is said to be the tallest skyscraper in the world, measuring 830 meters from ground to tip, and has more than 160 stories and seven world records.

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Have you seen a birthday celebration more thoughtful and lush than this?