Roads and Transport Authority: E-Scooters in Dubai to be regulated and policed just like cars


The ‘first-and-last-mile’ trip providing option E-scooters may be fun and easy to ride, but the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai has made sure they are driven safely and abide by the rules that are applicable to other motor vehicles in the region.

E-Scooters are increasingly seen as a good option for quick trips and are a common sight in the region, however, according to the Roads and Transport Authority, there will be strict fines and confiscations for riding in prohibited areas.

The authority said that E-scooters in Dubai will be regulated and policed just like cars. “Follow local and federal laws in the same way as cars do,” shared Hussain Al Banna, executive director of traffic at Roads and Transport Authority.

Besides, riders must be aged 16 years and above to ride an e-scooter and wear a helmet and drive only in safe designated zones. The speed limit is 20kph and riders should keep a safe distance between scooters. Riders must also avoid blocking the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

At present, five districts and 10 E-scooter zones are there in Dubai including – Al Rigga, Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, and the 2nd of December Street.

The authority has ensured designated land-marks and guiding signboards for Scooters and their tracks or its shared tracks with bicycles, in addition to setting rules and legislations, as well as requirements to be followed by individuals and companies to Achieve the general safety requirements for individuals and protect properties when using the electric scooter.

Cover Image: Roads and Transport Authority