Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rihanna projected onto the Burj Khalifa for launch of Fenty Skin

THE WHAT? Rihanna’s image was projected onto Dubai’s Burj Khalifa to mark the launch of her Fenty Skin line, according to a report published by Cosmopolitan Middle East.

THE DETAILS The Dubai Mall Promenade was also transformed into an ‘island paradise’ to celebrate the GCC debut. Open through January 16, the island features games, product discovery areas and Instagrammable backdrops.

THE WHY? With social distancing and travel restrictions in place throughout the world, brands are having to get ever-more inventive to capture the attention of press and shoppers. With this ‘alternative’ appearance, Rihanna is, as always, schooling the rest of the industry in just how it’s done.

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