RGS Guildford Dubai Cuts Fees


Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai (RGS Guildford Dubai) is to cut its KHDA approved fees by an additional 10% to be “more in line with the community’s needs”. The premium school already offered a 10% founders discount, meaning parents will now get 20% off KHDA approved fees.

RGS Guildford Dubai says the offer is “exclusively for pupils enrolling into academic year 2021-22”. The fee concession is guaranteed for three years.

Speaking to WhichSchoolAdvisor.com a source close to the matter said it had made the decision after consultation with parents who were currently going through the enrolment process. “We have actively spoken to parents about what it is they want. This is the help they have been looking for.”

The source also told WhichSchoolAdvisor.com a key request was that prices were transparent and inclusive. “Parents get very frustrated when they are told the fees, only to find out there are hundreds of hidden extras.

“With RGS Guildford Dubai, this will not happen. What you see is what you get.”

The RGS Guildford Dubai school fees include an extended school day, which includes a ‘Breakfast Club’ and after-school care. Pupils can be dropped of at 7.00 am, with pick up set for 4.30pm. Students also get a personal IT device for the duration of the child’s enrolment, and the first year uniform package.

Extracurricular activities are also included as part of the fees. Students can take two school-led programmes. 

Following the discount, fees at the school now start at 60,000 AED in FS1 and rise to 77,600 AED in Year 6.

Not included in the fees are school lunches, transportation or educational trips. The Registration Fee required to book a place is, however, offset against the first term’s Tuition Fee.

Year Founders’ Tuition Fees 2021-22 Registration Fee
FS1 60,000 AED 6,000 AED
FS2 64,000 AED 6,400 AED
Year 1 72,800 AED 7,280 AED
Year 2 72,800 AED 7,280 AED
Year 3 72,800 AED 7,280 AED
Year 4 72,800 AED 7,280 AED
Year 5 77,600 AED 7,760 AED
Year 6 77,600 AED 7,760 AED

The school also offers additional sibling discounts, which rise in value up to the 4th child. 

RGS Guildford Dubai promises to be a spectacular new build in Tilal al Ghaf, one of Dubai’s newest areas. The school is the result of a partnership between Cognita, one of the world’s largest school groups, and the Royal Grammar School Guildford, a UK independent school first founded in 1509. Like RGS Guildford in the United Kingdom, the Dubai school will follow the curriculum for England, from three years to 18 years of age.