Thursday, June 17, 2021

Repatriation flights: Air Algérie freezes its program

Air Algérie will drastically reduce repatriation flights for Algerian nationals stranded abroad. Indeed, according to our sources, the air carrier will cancel its ambitious program of repatriation flights because of the discovery of the new strain of the coronavirus.

Thus, the Algerian air transport company will not execute its program which foresees several departures from different countries. Air Algeria will be satisfied with a daily flight from Paris, reveals our source. Other flights from France, Spain, Germany, Canada and the United Arab Emirates will be suspended.

The resumption of these flights is conditioned by the improvement of sanitary conditions in these countries. This decision, taken by the authorities because of the spread of the new strain of the coronavirus, has not, however, been officially communicated.

Another disappointment for Algerians stranded abroad
It should be remembered that an ambitious repatriation program for Algerians stranded abroad was put in place by Air Algérie at the end of last December. A program that has given hope to the thousands of Algerian nationals stranded abroad and who keep calling for the reopening of borders.

This decision to freeze repatriations is a blow to Algerians who have been waiting for their return to the fold for months. It was taken without any explanation from the Algerian authorities. Neither the Ministry of Transport nor the Ministry of Health have communicated on the subject.

The interruption of this umpteenth repatriation operation, initiated by the Algerian authorities since the closure of borders and the suspension of air and sea links due to the health situation linked to the coronavirus, is a blow to immigrants.

It comes days after authorities assured repatriation campaigns would continue until all Algerians stranded abroad were evacuated.

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