Thursday, July 29, 2021

Relaunch of the soybean project targeting 450 ha in the north of Côte d’Ivoire

Posted on 07/18/2021 at 12:25 am by AFP

A soybean cultivation project to be developed over 450 hectares in the regions of Bafing and Kabadougou (northern Ivory Coast), notably hampered by the Covid-19 health crisis, has just been relaunched.

To assess the progress of the Soy Project, a delegation from the Ministry of State, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development carried out a mission from July 12 to 17, 2021 on the sites, in the regions of Bafing and Kabadougou.

This mission was led by the Director of Project Assessment, Mr. Silué Sionseligam, who said he was “satisfied” with the progress of the work in progress on the various sites.

“We came to monitor and evaluate the start-up activities of the 2021 campaign. Namely plowing, spraying, harrowing, and sowing,” said Mr. Silué Sioseligam.

The delegation leaves “satisfied, because if it had not been for the rain problem all the plots would have already been sown, but with the rains that are coming, everything will be over in a few days”, reassured Mr. Silué.

“It is an immense joy for us to review the project (…). We suffered a lot from the termination of the project but thanks to the President of the Republic the project is back. We say a big thank you to him and to the Minister of Agriculture, ”said Viviane Sahoua, spokesperson for soybean producers in the Bafing region.

She noted that it is “a real hope that is born in (them) with the resumption of the soy project”. This project should allow massive soybean production in the context of food security and create jobs.

“It is a development project for the region and we must seize the opportunity that the State gives us. I ask the youth of Bafing not to stay in the tea grins or coffee kiosks, ”said Mr. Silué.

Producers have expressed some grievances relating in particular to the acquisition of combine harvesters to facilitate harvesting as well as a soybean processing unit in Touba to market value-added products.

The director of project evaluation, Silué Sionseligam, said that these concerns have been taken into account in the development vision of the Ivorian agricultural sector and the strategy for processing local products.

The project also provides for the rehabilitation of all the seed farms, the tracks leading to the plots, the construction of infrastructures for the conservation and quality control of seeds (analysis laboratory), the identification of new lands for the extension. of the project.

The State plans to build a soybean processing unit “with the creation of a soybean processing plant in Touba, the work of which will begin in 2022,” said Mr. Silué, adding that “there are at least 15,000 direct jobs that will be created for young people and women ”.

The soybean project will create an integrated agricultural economy that generates income that is equitably shared between the different actors in the value chain, reduces the rural exodus and improves the quality of life of the populations.

The next campaigns in the regions of Bagoué, Folon and Poro will be concerned by this important project which aims to fight against poverty in our regions. The project was officially launched on October 24, 2019.

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