Ramadan Nights Art … Paintings and sculptures on the Dubai Creek


An external exhibition in “Seef”

The works on display are in keeping with the prevailing Ramadan atmosphere.

From the source

“Al Seef”, the popular destination off Dubai Creek, has started its outdoor art exhibition “Ramadan Art Nights”, in cooperation with “Dubai Culture”, which enriches Ramadan nights with family and friends, and allows exploring creative works that include paintings, sculptures and videos created by multidisciplinary artists.

In line with the prevailing Ramadan atmosphere, which focuses on worship and spirituality, the continuous exhibition throughout the holy month of Ramadan until Eid al-Fitr allows visitors to explore their artistic tendencies, and learn about the cultural heritage and meanings of the displayed works surrounded by the most beautiful Ramadan decorations in the destination of “Al-Saif”.

The “Al-Seef” destination collaborates with a number of well-known artists in the Emirates, such as Asma Ahmed Shiko, whose works highlight the importance of feeling spiritual, as her work displayed in the open air reflects the spiritual touches of these virtuous days.

You can also enjoy watching the Arabic calligraphy artist Mohamed Al-Ghati’s work, made with augmented reality.

Masra Fatima Slimani, for her part, links acrylic art to the journey of life, as it depicts the emotions and adventures we go through in the various moments of life.

Artist Ali Shua uses his 3D-printed sculptures to highlight the Arab and Middle Eastern characteristics and themes that characterize the region, such as sand dunes and Arab coffee cups, as these artistic subjects are closely related to the region’s inhabitants.

Visitors will enjoy Yara Manla and Raghd’s work displayed in the open air, which expresses natural elements artfully reflected in real life.

• The exhibition continues throughout the holy month of Ramadan.