Rakhi Sawant blushes as she returns with boyfriend Adil from Dubai


Be it his personal life or his professional life, Rakhi Sawant never fails to grab headlines. She entertains her fans with her humorous nature. The actress, who was on vacation with her boyfriend Adil, returned to Mumbai last night.

Queen of entertainment Rakhi went to Dubai for a vacation with her boyfriend Adil. On Friday, Adil and Rakhi were spotted at Mumbai airport. The actress blushed, it seems that she is really happy in her new relationship. Fans are happy to see the actress blush, with one writing, “I’ve never seen her blush like this before.” The second person mentioned, “Rakhi looks happy, so happy for her.”

The third person mentioned, “It looks like she’s really in love with him.” The fourth person mentioned, “I hope kyeh last karjai Ritesh Jesa na ho..” The fifth commented, “Yakeen nhi ho raha ye baat such hai .kher aap khush rahe bas.”

Rakhi Sawant’s boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Adil Khan Durrani asks her to stay away from him

Earlier, in a video posted by Instant Bollywood, Rakhi shared her views on the relationship she has with Adil, and she asked her fans to pray for her. Rakhi said, “My fans are praying for me. Iss baar mera ghar aur rishta kabhi na toote. Because he loves me so much, and I love him so much. Aage kya hone wala hai, yeh soch ke main aaj na jeeun , aisa nahi ho sakta. I love him and can do anything for him. Aaj saree pehni hai, kal naqaab bhi pehn sakti hoon.

While speaking to ETimes, Rakhi shared that she fell into depression after breaking up with Ritesh, with whom she starred in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 15. She was not legally married to Ritesh and after leaving home she released a statement announcing her separation from him.