Rafid: 596 Minor Traffic Accidents Were Reported In Sharjah During The New Year’s Holiday


The Joint Surveying Committee for Minor Traffic Accidents in Sharjah, formed by the Sharjah Police General Command, in cooperation with Rafid Automotive Solutions, announced that it received reports of 596 minor traffic accidents in the emirate during the New Year’s holiday period, which took place from 31 December 2021 to 2 January 2022.

The largest number of minor traffic accidents reported through the Rafid application and call center was recorded on Sunday, 2 January, with the majority of the 220 accidents attributed to lack of attention and not adhering to safe following distances.

Abdelrahman Alshamsi, Accident & RSA Department Manager at Rafid Automotive Solutions and a member of the joint committee, indicated that the speedy reporting of minor traffic accidents contributed to enhanced traffic flow management, while also ensuring that accurate and detailed reports on these accidents could be provided to both the parties responsible and the parties affected.

Alshamsi stressed that drivers’ awareness of and adherence to traffic regulations reduce the risk of accidents and called on all vehicle owners and drivers to take advantage of the comprehensive services provided by Rafid, whether through its call center, smart application, or by visiting its facilities in person.

Rafid provides a range of services, including roadside assistance for emergency situations, such as refueling, tyre and battery replacement, and transporting stranded vehicles to nearby workshops. In addition, it offers an AutoXpress service, which is an integrated facility for all types of vehicle repairs, as well as the AutoXpress Mobile service, a mobile workshop that provides essential and urgent basic services.