Radio Foot Internationale – Comoros / Togo: a CAN at last for the Coelacanths?


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The Comoros football team (archives).

© Courtesy of CAF

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50 mins

Contents of Radio foot this Thursday: Africa: 5th day of CAN 2021 eliminatory continuation, the great debrief Comoros / Togo, a CAN finally for the Coelacanths?

– and Guinea who won their ticket against Mali in the last quarter of an hour thanks to winning coaching!

– The posters of this Friday under the magnifying glass, Niger / Ivory Coast, Cape Verde / Cameroon and Congo / Senegal.


– 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe, France foils against Ukraine (1-1), a draw and a lot of questions!

The Netherlands surprised in Turkey (4-2), a man in the match Lille B. Yilmaz, author of a hat-trick!

And Belgium honors its rank by avoiding the Welsh trap (3-1), the Red Devils still as strong?

Decoding of this first evening of qualifiers three months before the Euro!

To discuss it around Annie Gasnier, our consultants of the day: Gilles Verdez, Dominique Sévérac and Franck Simon – David Fintzel – Technique / Director: Jeremie Besset.


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