President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud meets with UAE Ambassador to Somalia Mohamed Ahmed Al Othman


President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has on Thursday received the United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Somalia Mohamed Ahmed Al Othman at Villa Somalia.

The President thanked the UAE government and Ambassador Mohamed Ahmed Al Othman for their generous contribution and support to boost the government’s efforts to tackle climate-driven droughts.

UAE on Thursday donated $ 9.6 million cash to support the ongoing emergency to the drought affected people in the country.

Somalia cut ties with UAE after the seizure of its money in 2018 at Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport by the Federal government of Somalia.

The relations between the two countries was restored in January 2022 after the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble ordered for the release of its money and offered an apology to the UAE government.

UAE new President Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan had on Thursday last week ordered the provision of $9.5 million) for the urgent humanitarian aid to bolster the National drought relief mitigation efforts, hours after Somali court released the cash seized from the UAE in April 2018 by the Federal Government.