DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 25, 2021 / — Dubai, UAE: 11 exciting brands, 24 unique award-winning products and a lot of interactive surprises organised at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion at GITEX 2021 were a complete game changer amidst all the technology displayed.

With events of such calibre, Taiwan aims to intensify its partnership with Middle East’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector through award winning products and brands. Every year, the best offerings boasting the ‘Taiwan Excellence’ status, representing the country’s booming ICT sector, are up on display. These awarded products are distinguished for their excellent quality, design, research and development, as well as exceptional marketing approach.

Speaking of the UAE and Taiwan’s ICT sector, Mark Wu, Executive Director of Taiwan Excellence, said: “The UAE and Taiwan have long shared excellent bilateral relations and as a leading Taiwanese government entity, we seek to build on this existing relationship to create long term value. For several Taiwanese brands, the UAE serves as an ideal marketplace given the pro-business environment and robust regulatory framework. Beyond the government’s policies, the favorable consumer market is another pull for businesses. Taiwanese ICT products that are well known for their quality, design and efficiency are equipped to cater to the budding tech scene in the UAE.”

‘Taiwan Excellence’ recognizes and honors outstanding products and its companies for their exceptional contribution to the ICT industry. These companies boosted Taiwan’s economy by bringing their products which adhere to global standards and can compete with the world’s top brands.

A local resident residing in the UAE, who visited the pavilion stated: “Every year, I look forward to trying and testing the innovation coming from Taiwan. As a techie, I am always interested in learning about new technologies and can confidently say that the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion did not disappoint. The compact air purifier and the touch screens displayed were remarkable and showcase the true innovative spirit of Taiwanese retailers.”

Organized by Taiwan External Trade Development Council, the effort encourages ties of brimming entrepreneurs and technology industry leaders from both the UAE and Taiwan in establishing great shared ventures.

In 2019, the UAE was Taiwan’s 16th largest trading partner. Trade between Taiwan and the UAE accounted for 0.99% of Taiwan’s total trade. Taiwan’s exports to the UAE comprised 0.45% of Taiwan’s total exports, or US$1.55 billion, while Taiwan’s imports from the UAE comprised 1.6% of total Taiwan’s total imports, or US$4.59 billion. Bilateral trade between Taiwan and the UAE totaled US$6.0 billion in 2019 for an increase of 4.14% over the previous year. This included an increase of 20.49% in exports to the UAE and an decrease of 0.3% in imports from the UAE.

The five main exports from Taiwan to the UAE were petroleum oil, telephone sets, digital cameras and video camera recorders, motor cars, and storage devices. Taiwan’s main imports from the UAE were petroleum oil, aluminum, and steel.

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