PFN I love Poland yacht with a sail with the logo of a company from the United Arab Emirates. PFN comments


Social media published photos of the yacht of the Polish National Foundation with a suspended yellow sail with the inscription “Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing” and the airline logo. The yacht in the pictures usually has a sail in national colors and the inscription “I love Poland”. A spokesman for PFN Temistokles Brodowski said that the foundation was explaining the matter.

The photos shared on Saturday in social media show a red yacht with the inscription “I love Poland” on the hull, which has a yellow sail with the inscription “Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing” on the mast. There is also the Etihad Airways logo below.

As the author Marek Karbowski writes, the photos were taken in Gdynia.

Many previous photos show the yacht sailing with a white, black or white and red sail with the words “I love Poland”.

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A spokesman for the Polish National Themistokles Brodowski Foundation in an interview with confirmed that the Polish National Fund was explaining the matter. He said that if a different sail was fitted for “non-technical” reasons, the consequences would be drawn.

About the results of these explanations PFN is to inform in the announcement.

In October 2017, the authorities of the Polish National Foundation together with members of the government and the sailor Mateusz Kusznierewicz announced the launch of the Polska100 project on the occasion of the centenary of Poland regaining independence. The Olympian was to promote Poland during a two-year voyage to one hundred ports around the world. For this purpose, PFN purchased the third generation VO 70 competition and training yacht.

In 2018, the cooperation between PFN and Kusznierewicz and the operator of the project, the Navigare Foundation, was severed.

Eventually, the yacht set out on a cruise with a different crew, and the name of the project was changed to “I love Poland”. Its goal is to promote Poland by participating in prestigious regattas.

Main photo source: Marek Michalak / East News