Sunday, May 16, 2021

Partnered Content Diversey & Dubai London Clinic’s Hygiene Partnership

Diversey – redefining client support

In fact, all Diversey clients were supported with extensive training, availability of suitable portfolios to combat the virus and knowledge/awareness webinars throughout the pandemic. The company also looked at its clients’ requirements that spanned from hand hygiene stands at various locations within the facility, to providing hygiene kits as a goodwill gesture for their staff and patients.

Diversey endeavors to provide its services by closely monitoring current practices and recommending sufficient (and efficient) solutions, by ensuring it consolidates product requirements and does not burden its customers with excessive products. All of this while providing post-sales consultancy via dedicated software to ensure hygiene and cost compliance at any given point in time.

Meeting the increased demand for hospital-grade disinfectants

“Challenges we faced spanned from the availability of the disinfectants, and customer’s perception of what works, what doesn’t, what should, and what will not;
in essence customer presumptions. Availability was a challenge considering the spike in demand across geographies. This led to a shortage of raw materials, an increase in freight costs, and patience levels. However, thanks to a myriad of products available in our portfolio, we were able to mitigate these challenges,” says Varun Asser, Sector Manager – Healthcare GCC & Channel Business UAE for Diversey.

Varun further discusses how customers were acquainted with specific chemistries for disinfection/sanitization and hence, resisting change. For example, if a customer was using an alcohol-based disinfectant, it was a task to move them to Hydrogen Peroxide-based solutions. However, over time, due to the diligent efforts of the Diversey technical team across the region, they were able to provide microbiological reports for their chemistries and ensure customers began using their range (post-training).

Dubai London Clinic is one of the few healthcare facilities that have various Diversey portfolios available within them. Diversey’s portfolio is split into housekeeping and infection prevention. Under housekeeping, all general cleaners, i.e, for floors, glasses, over the floor surfaces (hard surfaces), washrooms, etc., are covered with their Jfill range of products. These are ultra-concentrated chemicals that are made in Canada and come in a sealed bottle that doesn’t allow the user to come in contact with the neat chemical.

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