Participants: Expo 2020 Dubai is a marketplace for food ideas and innovations from 190 countries


They exchanged views during hosting the exhibition “Food and Agriculture Talks”

“Expo 2020 Dubai”, as part of its pre-event program, hosted “Food, Agriculture and Livelihood Talks”, to participate in the exchange of new views that would meet the challenges of the current era. Participants in the talks said that the exhibition, which starts its activities in Next October, it will be a marketplace for ideas and innovations, and an opportunity to gain best practices from more than 190 countries, stressing the importance of using technology to enhance agricultural productivity and the global food system to prepare for future challenges.

Food security

In detail, Reem Al Hashimi, Minister of State for International Cooperation and Director-General of the Bureau of Expo 2020 Dubai, said that food security is a basic priority for the UAE, as it is a sacred and indisputable belief and one of the tenets of true human dignity, pointing out that the capacity of all countries I took the exam in the first weeks and months of the outbreak of the “Covid-19” pandemic, which exposed the weakness of the global food value chain.

She added, “Nevertheless, after this harsh test, we now have the opportunity to re-imagine that chain, and learn to eat and earn in a cleaner, smarter and more sustainable way.”

“A world of opportunities”

She stated that, later this year, Expo 2020 Dubai will bring together stakeholders from different parts of the food chain, from producers to distributors and consumers, as the exhibition will be a marketplace for ideas and innovations, and an opportunity to acquire and assimilate best practices from more than 190 countries.

Al-Hashemi explained, for example, that in the Opportunity Pavilion, which is also called the “World of Opportunities”, visitors will discover the extent of their influence on the fundamentals of water, food and energy. Likewise, visitors to the Netherlands Pavilion will not miss seeing the unique vital structure in its center, in a remarkable review of the relationship between Water, food and energy, which will be critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


“In the Chinese pavilion, we will witness the benefits of monitoring farms and implementing agricultural operations in a real-time manner, from controlling temperature and humidity to optimal employment of the workforce,” Al-Hashemi indicated.

She added that «the Czech Republic will review the micro-organism reproduction, and the earth’s solar, wind and water resource system, which turns dry wasteland into an oasis, while the Smart Oasis Farm exhibition in the Ukraine pavilion will highlight the benefits provided by an independent green water farm that depends in 80% of its agricultural operations on machines and robots. ».


For her part, Minister of State for Food and Water Security, Maryam Al Muhairi, indicated the importance of using technology to enhance agricultural productivity and the global food system to prepare for future challenges.

Al Muhairi said that “Expo 2020 Dubai” is taking place in light of the repercussions imposed by the “Corona” pandemic, which has negatively affected food systems in the world, adding: “From here, the event that raises the slogan (Connecting Minds and Creating the Future) becomes doubly important as a vital platform for countries from In order to re-engineer the global food system, to accelerate its transformation into a more sustainable system, ”she indicated that the world will need to feed 10 billion people by 2050, but with the current capabilities, only half of this number can be fed.

Agricultural practices

Al-Muhairi pointed to inefficient and effective agricultural practices, and their negative impact on the climate through carbon emissions, and the negative impact of climate change on food and agricultural production, stressing the importance of a radical change in the mechanisms of food production and distribution, in order to ensure a sustainable food system, in a way that enhances security. World Food.

Fighting hunger

The “Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods Talks” shed light on some solutions to address the challenges of food, nutrition and agriculture, and to discover new ways of how to continue feeding a growing population.

Participants explained that global food systems require a major transformation to combat rising hunger, and to explore opportunities and solutions to build more efficient and resilient food systems.

Participants emphasized the importance of using technology to enhance agricultural productivity.