Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Parliamentarians: The UAE continues to lead the world in infrastructure

Nasser Al Jabri (Abu Dhabi)

A number of Federal National Council members confirmed that the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, about the opening of several roads within the projects of the President’s initiatives, contributes to meeting the needs of citizens and residents, and embodies the continued The UAE is on the path of leadership and prosperity despite the challenges facing the whole world, and confirms the consolidation of the UAE’s leading position in the field of infrastructure.

  • Hamad Al Rahoumi

Hamad Al Rahoumi, First Vice-President of the Federal National Council, stressed that the infrastructure in the UAE enjoys a prestigious position globally compared to most countries in the world, as new roads that were inaugurated are added to the previous cumulative construction, which includes a group of mega projects in many sectors and related fields. with infrastructure.
He pointed out that the inauguration of new projects within the Covid-19 period is an affirmation that the comprehensive cycle of work has not stopped, despite the economic, financial and health challenges resulting from the current health conditions, and given the diligent and continuous work that these projects require, long-term plans and approved budgets, and other studies. And research, all of which are challenges that the UAE has been able to overcome by having a wise vision towards the necessity of implementation and achievement to meet the aspirations of citizens and residents.
He pointed out that the new projects meet the developed visions, which constantly speak, according to the variables of the time period, as we see that the projects that suited the previous time period require development, replacement and modernization to suit and correspond to the current requirements, which is something that the state realizes, by harnessing modern technology and its means and creating New ideas that lead to meeting the needs of the growing numbers. Al Rahoumi expressed his aspiration to launch more projects during the coming period, as the Federal National Council continues its role in presenting proposals and recommendations, especially with regard to the infrastructure file, based on constructive cooperation to enhance current efforts, meet needs, and consolidate the country’s position globally in competitiveness indicators.

  • Ahmed Boushehab
    Ahmed Boushehab

For his part, Ahmed Hamad Boushehab, a member of the Federal National Council, stressed that the inauguration of the new roads is an affirmation of the unlimited support of the wise leadership and its constant efforts to develop the infrastructure, towards advancing the aspirations and needs of citizens.
He pointed out that the UAE has a developed infrastructure, which has made the country topping the global competitiveness indicators in many indicators related to the levels of quality of life, infrastructure and public utilities, given the great interest in this file, and the solidarity of the concerned authorities that worked during the past period to implement projects within short periods of time.

  • Ahmed Al Shehhi
    Ahmed Al Shehhi

He pointed out that despite the challenges the world is witnessing as a result of the current health conditions, the UAE is demonstrating once again its efficiency, ability and advanced plans to deal with crisis management successfully, which contributed to the implementation of projects, according to the established time plans. Ahmed Abdullah Al Shehhi, a member of the Federal National Council, stressed that the announcement of the opening of several roads within the projects of the President of the State, embodies the great interest and diligent follow-up of the wise leadership to provide the needs and requirements of citizens and residents, through many projects, initiatives and programs aimed at enhancing quality of life levels.

  • Saeed Al Abedi
    Saeed Al Abedi

He pointed out that the new roads are confirmation that the UAE continues to move forward in the paths of leadership and prosperity.
Saeed Al-Abedy, a member of the Federal National Council, stressed that the UAE still sets the first example of leadership and the continuity of major projects, especially infrastructure, as it is an achievement that is added to a continuous series of achievements of leadership, rationality and government, which is reflected in the internationally advanced levels of the state in the field of infrastructure. .

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