Pakistan’s Only Dubai Based TikToker, Adnan Zafar Attends PISA


Adnan Zafar, popularised on Instagram and TikTok as @ken_doll_dubaiii was invited to the red carpet, PISA Awards. Unsurprisingly, yet awe-inspiringly, he stole the show with glamourous latex trousers that he paired with a hot pepper red, gem-studded jacket. His entire fit rendered him the night’s eye candy. 

When asking Ken_Doll_Dubai about his outfit, he said, “I love playing with my style and looks thanks to Mischief Fashion by Silmi Dhrolia. She is my stylist and always brings the best out of me.” 

Doll Zafar also recounted his red carpet soiree: “stepping the red carpet with all of Pakistan’s well-known stars and being present as the only Dubai based Pakistani tiktoker is itself an award for me. I am so thankful to my fans and supporters for bringing me to this level… I am super delighted to finally meet Feroz Khan, Arslan Naseer, Waqar Zaka and Aamna Isani…  it’s such a pleasure to welcome them to Dubai. My aim is to be nominated at PISA next year and show the world that, yes we Pakistanis have got this! I am so proud that I am the face of so many international beauty brands and hope to continue making my country proud with my hard work and content.”