Online global talent social network platform FTalento set to launch in Dubai


The world’s first-ever online global talent social network platform FTalento is set to launch in Dubai this month and positioned to be the most innovative and most accessible online platform for talents waiting to be discovered and get their biggest break in the global fashion and entertainment industry.

“From being in the music and fashion industry for over 20 years, it was clear to me that there was something missing in the market. Seeing talents not getting booked or paid on time or nothing at all are some of the major challenges of the industry,” said Fardad Kaviany, founder of FTalento.

FTalento is the first-ever global online talent social network platform with over 200 categories to choose from – accessible to talents & agents from around the globe. The online platform connects agents and talents to get booked instantly from anywhere in the world in just one click.

FTalento members have the freedom to be their own boss & work at their own convenience. They will get booked wherever they are by their international clients. Get paid instantly with our secure online payment system, as soon as the job is completed. No more waiting for months to get paid. Trust is what we pride themselves in and this is why we have created this global platform.” added Kaviany.

He added, “No matter what issues are going on in the world, talents are able to make money & the world needs to know them. This new platform will serve as a tool for talents to expand their opportunities and reach their highest potential on a global scale.”

FTalento is a billion-dollar business venture aiming to position Dubai as a global hub of fashion and entertainment discovering new talents to the world, investing opportunities for brands and companies to find the best talents, and an inspiration to the new generation to keep the creative spirit alive.

“I was always asking myself that talented people need to be found easier & find opportunities faster all around the globe. Why when we want to do a project on another side of the world, it’s costly to travel and especially not suggested at all during the pandemic time so what to do? Stop everything? “So that’s when I realised what if I can digitise the talent industry exactly the way we need it. And to make it easier for talented people & agencies all from one platform. So I spoke to my team & we have done the research to find out the needs & find the easiest solution for that,” said Fardad Kaviany, CEO of globally renowned fashion channel Fashion TV in the Middle East and North Africa, founder of 4music TV and founder of FTalento, having been in the music and fashion industry for over 20 years.