‘Noise Rage’ a real concern for 37% UAE workers: Poly report


EMIRATES, Dubai – October 17, 2021:

As the UAE adapts to the inrush of Expo 2020 and the workforce continues to
make their way back to the office after a prolonged work-from-home experience,
concerns about how noise rage will ultimately affect their productivity,
especially after being used to isolated and quiet environments are now

A new survey conducted by Poly that outlines the evolution of the workplace and
changing employee attitudes to the 9-5
has exposed a trove of worrying issues that will ultimately impact the UAE
workforce output as local and international businesses and organizations try to
accommodate the relatively new work model.


The Poly ‘Evolution of the Workplace’ report provides analysis on the
findings of a survey of 7,261 hybrid workers from the UK, France, Germany,
Spain, Sweden, Poland and the UAE.

The report shows that 37.2 percent of UAE
employees are more concerned about noisy phone calls and meetings while 31.60
are worried about their noisy colleagues.

Thirty-six percent of the employees polled across
the UAE also indicated that they will most likely get fed up if their noisy
colleagues break their concentration with those in the healthcare sector at 53
percent expressing their concerns.

Women vs Men

The report cites that female employees are likely
to be more affected at 41.68 percent compared to their male counterparts at
34.76 percent while 50 percent of employees aged over 55 years are more worried
about noisy colleagues.

Thirty-nine percent are, however, hopeful that
people will be more aware of the noise they make in the office while 37 percent
of men compared to 34 percent of women admitted that they will be more prone to
office outbursts and their inability to mute themselves or even turn off their
cameras when they are with other colleagues.

More men at 37 percent also raised their concern
that noise levels in the office will most likely make them less productive
compared to 34 percent of women while 34.15 percent of men compared to 32.56 percent
of women also said that they will be fed up if noisy colleagues interrupt their

Keeping Noise at

To create a noise-free office environment, Poly
will be showcasing its latest addition to its family of video conferencing
solutions – the Poly Studio X70 and Poly Studio E70. The new devices
feature the Poly Director AI technology,
which includes Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI that upgrade the video
collaboration experience and generate meeting equality by bringing pro-grade
audio and video to large workspaces.

The lineup of Poly Studio video conferencing gear
brings broadcast-quality video to meeting rooms regardless of the participants’
location so that participants can be seen and heard clearly.

“At Poly we are committed to delivering a
broadcast-quality experience through our video-conferencing gear. By
incorporating film production rules and AI capabilities we are bringing meeting
equality to participants in every style of room, regardless of their location,”
noted Beau Wilder, SVP and general manager, Video Collaboration, Poly.

Gen Z

The report showed that only 27 percent are
looking forward to returning to the office because they find their homes too
noisy to get any meaningful work done with 31.25 percent of workers aged
between 16 and 24 also feeling the same way about returning to the office.  34.38 percent of Gen Z workers also admitted
that they’ll be more prone to outbursts in the office.

Based on the report, technology, culture, and
technology are now the key ingredients in the recipe for a successful hybrid