No more copy-pasted content! AI churns out creative sales pitches for Dubai properties


Superfast connectivity and easy access to tech tools has changed the way people work, play and shop in the Emirates. Aftereffects of this evolving consumer behaviour have pushed businesses towards adopting innovation including AI and online platforms, to compete for attention of consumers who mostly interact via digital channels.

Businesses aiming to boost sales in a connected world can’t do without social media marketing and higher visibility on search engines, for which they need content that cuts through virtual clutter. To help real estate firms and brokers gain an edge in this matter, AI developed in Dubai has stepped in to generate text that quickly clicks with consumers.

The tech offered by a startup called Overwrite, only requires users to capture an image of the property, and enter basic details to provide background. Machine learning designed by linguistic experts and engineers, then churns out eye-catching content within a minute, ready to be sent out to potential home-buyers.

The system significantly cuts down the time taken by brokers to write these descriptions, and is also cost effective considering how much a firm may have to pay an agency for marketing material. It certainly is an upgrade from copy-pasting the same old jargon about properties, since AI can create 1.5 billion copies in one go, and none of them is similar to the others.

The system which makes selling properties hassle-free in the UAE, also handles timely updates of listings to save more time, which dealers can divert towards scaling up business.

Dubai’s real estate sector is expected to grow in the post-pandemic era, and apps offering diverse features including calculation of accurate property rates, are among the key factors behind it. Developers are also getting more opportunities to clinch investments, through apps that let people buy a stake in any project even for a relatively small sum.

Apart from flaunting creativity in property listings, AI is also set to thrill audiences at Dubai Expo by stitching up poetry from words provided by visitors.

Image: Shutterstock