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Restaurants in Dubai serving food during the Muslim fast hours of Ramadan are no longer required to hide behind Era of the curtains, announced the authorities of the Gulf Emirate, where the holy month begins Tuesday, April 13

The city-state, whose economy is largely based on services, leisure and tourism, has sought to revive these sectors in recent months in the midst of the Covid pandemic. 19 And more than 90% of its inhabitants are foreigners, a large part of whom are not of the Muslim faith.

“Restaurants in Dubai can choose whether or not to place curtains or cover their facades to serve food during fasting hours,” the department said. of the economy of Dubai (DED) in a press release published on the night of Monday to Tuesday

According to this government body, the new circular goes back on a “formerly followed” practice of requiring restaurateurs to put up “curtains or screens” to hide the taking of meals at public view The new rule applies from the first day of Ramadan, Tuesday April 12, the organization said.

In recent weeks, Dubai has widely opened its doors to international tourists and eased Covid-19-related restrictions on public activities, making the summer mirat a destination for all those around the world trying to escape lockdowns

The city-state which has built its reputation on the luxury of its glass towers or its private beaches, is considered as the most liberal city in a reputation. Particularly conservative Gulf region

In November 2020, the United Arab Emirates, of which Dubai is the most famous of its seven members, announced reforms to laws on social issues © s of everyday life Conveying a more liberal and progressive image is part of the communication strategy of the rich Muslim country on the international scene

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